Welcome to Carlton School

Carlton R-9 School's key educational priorities include literacy, numeracy
and the wellbeing of students, staff and families. The school offers an Adnyamathanha language program for all students and an extension class for fluent speakers. Carlton also has a Pre-School that is located next to the Children's Centre.

The Learning Together program and the Children's Centre are designed to assist families with children aged birth to 8 years to support their children's early learning. The school offers a range of innovative programs to engage students with a range of preferred learning styles.

Each class has a staff member allocated daily to support staff and build good working relationships. Facilities and recreational spaces have beenGarden upgraded and renovated in order to promote respect and ownership.

Significant improvements in the management of student behaviour in cooperation with families, strategic and targeted recruitment of staff and targeted resources for quality improvement in teaching, have made positive inroads in the improvement of learner outcomes, both academically and socially.